Finding a cure for chronic chikungunya: a preliminary study

“I have joint pain every day since I have been infected with chikungunya virus”....
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I have joint pain every day since I have been infected with chikungunya virus” Next year, 50% of infected patients will say those words, and begin the fight of their lives. They will battle an incredibly complex disease, face lengthy periods with incapacitating pain, and navigate a system of care that cannot help them with this chronic disease. And no one can say for how long.

We can do better. Armed with the power of biomedical innovation and the will to find a solution, CBHRI will study the therapeutic effect of folk remedies to turn the incapacitating disease caused by chikungunya virus (CHIKV) into a condition that can be treated, managed, transcended—or maybe, prevented altogether. We can achieve this with the support of visionary philanthropic partners of individuals like you. For doing preliminary experiments that would indicate therapeutic potential, we need 48.000 dollars, specified as follows:

preliminary studyCosts ($)
* project duration: 6 months
Total$ 48000,00
Collection of plants$ 1000,00
Processing plant materials$ 5000,00
Antiviral activity$ 7000,00
* 6 months salary technician and project manager
$ 30000,00
Overhead$ 5000,00


Insights. During the CHIKV outbreak in Curaçao, local plants were used by several patients to alleviate symptoms. There is circumstantial evidence that two plants had a positive effect on symptoms of patients. The department of virology works closely together with national and international collaborators to generate drug candidates for viruses for which there is either no drug available or an existing drug has unacceptable side effects. This will be accomplished by analyzing medicinal plants from Curaçao and together with collaborating partners develop better extracting solutions.


Do you have any questions or important discussion points, please feel free to contact the scientist of this project: Dr. Byron Martina,


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