CBHRI is responding rapidly to national and international research priorities. As a research foundation, we are investing in research to help care providers meet the major health and social challenges they face.
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The primary focus of CBHRI is on diseases prevalent in Curaçao, the Caribbean region and Latin America. We focus on four main research areas:

1) Immunology
2) Epidemiology & Social sciences
3) Virology
4) Oncology

* The department Capital management is responsible for grant acquisition and project management.
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The vision of CBHRI is to become an institute of academic excellence where basic research and applied research is conducted.

Our Mission

CBHRI aims to perform interdisciplinary research on epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology and cancer to improve human health in the Caribbean and Latin America.

ALL gifts make a DIFFERENCE

A gift from "YOU" could give hope to thousands of people when disaster strikes. CBHRI is devoted to improving the well-being and quality of life for humans in the Caribbean and Latin America. Please be assured that whatever you give will go a long way. Even a few dollars is enough to buy the equipments, or pay for the research on diseases that significantly impact someones' life.

Total Donor Control over Charitable Gifts

OUR Donors are very important to us. That is why they have total control on their gifts and their uses. Please state in the form which department you want to support in their mission to improve human health in the Caribbean and Latin America. All donations directed to CBHRI support research programs on different aspects of infectious diseases and immunological diseases, as well as cancer, ensuring that 100% of your contribution benefits research. We believe that today's technology allows us to eliminate the need for costly chapters and duplication of expenses.


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As a non-profit research foundation, we rely on donors like you to help us keep perform applied interdisciplinary research on infectious diseases and cancer, to improve human health in Curaçao, Caribbean, and Latin America.  We appreciate your support to help us become an academic institute of  excellence where basic research and applied research is conducted.




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