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PhD student Research position DUCAMID

General information

With their dependence on tourism, the climatic conditions favoring mosquito establishment, and their central position in wildlife migratory routes, the Dutch Caribbean are potential hot spots for outbreaks of virus diseases spread by arthropod vectors (arboviruses). The goal of the project is to assess the risk of arbovirus emergence of St Louis Encephalitis, Equine Encephalitis and yellow fever as well as the factors that could influence emergence of such arboviruses. To this end, surveillance studies will be conducted in birds and mosquitoes present on the island of Curacao and St Eustatius. During this project, laboratory assays will be developed and performed by the student in the Caribbean region. Predicting emergence, spread and impact of a new mosquito-borne infectious disease requires in-depth knowledge of the virus life cycle, hosts and mosquitoes, and the interplay between them, which may be influenced by local habits, climate, co-circulating pathogens, genetic factors, and immunity, among others. The student will be involved in a sustainable development of an early warning system for the islands. Specifically, the research questions addressed in the project are:

  1. Is there evidence for circulation of arboviruses other than Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya in Curacao and St Eustatius?
  2. Which factors determine the sensitivity of mosquitoes for infection with arboviruses?
  3. Which assays need to be implemented by the islands as part of the infrastructure for preparedness?

Work environment
A healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. This is what Erasmus MC stands for. Conducting groundbreaking work, pushing boundaries and leading the way. In research, education, and healthcare. We are practical people with a high level of expertise, working hard to improve and renew the healthcare of today and the public health of tomorrow.

The Department of Viroscience ( at Erasmus MC employs more than 110 employees of different disciplines and runs an extensive experimental research program on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of infections by human and animal viruses. All necessary equipment to carry out the research proposed in the projects is available within the setting of the department. The Department of Viroscience harbors well-equipped clinical and experimental virology labs, in which all the virology, molecular biology, pathology and immunology techniques necessary for these projects are operational.

The PhD student will be based in Curacao at the recently established Curacao Biomedical & Health Research Institute (CBHRI, but also partly working in The Netherlands ( and in St Eustatius. The work includes fieldwork (collection of bird and mosquito samples) and labwork. Since most of the arboviruses are classified as biosafety level 3 (BSL3) pathogens you will be working in a BSL3 lab.

Qualifications and skills

We are looking for a PhD student that is enthusiastic and highly motivated with a MSc degree or equivalent from an accredited academic program in Biology, Biomedical or Molecular Sciences, and an interest in translational research. Some experience with cell culture and various molecular and/or virological techniques is a plus. Candidates should have an excellent command of the English language, both oral and written. Candidates are expected to obtain their PhD in 4 years.

Being able to present a certificate of good conduct is a condition for the appointment.

You are a flexible team player and able to perform research in The Netherlands as well as in the Caribbean. An ideal candidate should be motivated to continue to develop the research infrastructure in Curacao for some years after the project is finished.

Terms of employment

You will receive a temporary position for 4 years. The gross monthly salary is the equivalent in Nafl of € 2.244,- in the first year and increases to € 2.874,- in the 4th year (scale OIO). The terms of employment are according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Dutch University Medical Centers (CAO UMC).

For more information about this position, please contact Byron Martina, phone number: + 31 (010) 704 4279 or e-mail: or Izzy Gerstenbluth phone number 5999 5200923, email or .

Applications should include a cover letter explaining your interest in the project and CV/resume (including your final marks, research projects or internships and relevant courses). Contact information of two senior scientists or principle investigators as references, willing to provide recommendation letters on enquiry. Send you application by email to: and stating application for PhD position DUCAMID.

Deadline for submission is June 29 2017.

Volunteers & Interns

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Are you a skilled professional, who enjoy volunteering? Are you fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish or Papiamentu? If the answer is YES, we invite you to join us. As a translator you do not need to be located in Curacao. If you wish to volunteer as a translator, please send an email to

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