Project Description

Improvement of the health – and financial literacy of the population of Curaçao.


This project aims to explore the relationship between financial literacy and health literacy in the Caribbean context, with a focus on determinants related to social relations and cultural values.

To be able to test health literacy and financial literacy longitudinally, a public community environment needs to be set up. This involves organizing a community of individuals who have agreed to be available for interviews, talks, and discussions over the internet. This Community for Research and Society (CORESO) is sourced from a random sample of addresses. In addition to the internet community, special groups will be sampled and consulted face-to-face, (e.g. people without internet access). Together these groups will form a good reflection of the population of Curaçao.

Through CORESO, data will be collected on health and financial literacy, knowledge, and behavior. Additional underpinning determinants of health and financial literacy/behavior such as attitudes, beliefs, and characteristics of a person’s social network will be explored. Results will be linked back to the participating community members and the wider Curaçao population. This will be accomplished through collaboration with participating (non-profit) professional organizations in the field that will assist in translating the research findings into preventive strategies. The results will be used for education, awareness raising, poverty reduction and to stimulate informed policy making in the Dutch Caribbean. The Community for Research and Society (CORESO) itself may also suggest topics for surveying among the community members. All data will be available for other researchers via an online database.


Study period

2017 – 2020

Principal applicant

Prof. Rob Alessie, PhD. — Professor micro-economics, University of Groningen

Primary Caribbean partner

Tineke Alberts, PhD. – Head of Department of Social Sciences, CBHRI

Research team

Corrie Vis, PhD. – Project manager
Renske Pin, PhD.
Merel Griffith, PhD.
Tim Martina, BSc.
Jasmira Wiersma, MSc.


University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business, Economics, Econometrics & Finance
Curaçao Biomedical and Health Research Institute (CBHRI)
CentERdata, Institute for Data Collection and Research, Tilburg