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Curaçao BioMedical & Health Research Institute

Account number: 32024701

Banco di Caribe N.V Curaçao

Bank information:
Banco di Caribe N.V. Curaçao
Schottegatweg Oost 205
P.O. Box 3785
Willemstad, Curaçao
T: +5999 432 3461
F: +5999 461 5220

Chamber of Commerce registration:

Curaçao Biomedical & Health Research Institute is registered in Willemstad, Curaçao, and is listed in the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry under number 139600.

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Sonoro: uitdagend project op Curaçao

Het mede door CentERdata ondersteunde SONORO-project op Curaçao is nu ruim twee jaar op weg.

SONORO: in gesprek met lokale beleidsmakers en onderzoekers

Het in kaart brengen van het financiële gedrag en de gezondheid van de bewoners van Curaçao en op basis daarvan komen tot gerichte beleidsinterventies: daarom draait...

Important call for action: chikungunya outbreak

A severe outbreak of chikungunya has been reported in Brazil. It seems that the disease manifestations observed are more severe than reported in previous outbreaks....


1. Hyperferritinemia is a potential marker of chronic chikungunya: a retrospective study on the Island of Curaçao during the 2014-2015 Outbreak Journal of Clinical...