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On Saturday, 19th of June, 2021, Curacao Biomedical & Health Research Institute (CBHRI) launched a new project named COVIDCAS.
COVIDCAS is a ZonMW funded research project dealing with the impact of COVID-19 measures on vulnerable families in Curacao, Aruba and Sint Martin.

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What we do


As well as investing in research to help the CBHRI and care providers meet the major health and social challenges they face, we are responding rapidly to national and international research priorities.


You can find out about some of our current research in this section of the site.
More information about other current research studies taking place in our institute can be found on the respective categories. If you wish to collaborate in one of the research topics, please feel free to contact the responsible principal investigator.


The impact of science on society is immense. It enables the power to do good as well as making a difference by stimulating innovations and influencing public policies which result in the improvement of people’s lives.


All CBHRI-scientists will include in their publications sufficient information about their experimental methods and procedures, and make available data, software, and tangible research materials, to enable other scientists to reproduce and extend the results of all publications on which the CBHRI laboratories have participated. CBHRI strongly encourages all it scientists to publish their original, peer-reviewed research in journals that make publications freely available and downloadable online immediately after publication (i.e. open access journals).


CBHRI recognizes the importance of scientific collaborations between its laboratories and other scientists, and strongly encourages such collaborations as an essential part of scientific research. CBHRI laboratories may collaborate with colleagues at other non-profit or academic institutions and with colleagues at for-profit companies. Conflict of interest issues may arise where a researcher has an equity interest in a company with which he or she is collaborating. If a laboratory head proposes to collaborate with a company in which he or she owns equity, CBHRI will consider whether it is appropriate for the researcher to engage in the collaboration while holding the equity interest. The advisory board will be consulted in such cases. In evaluating these situations, CBHRI will consider such factors as the nature of the collaborative work, the significance of the collaboration to the company and to the laboratory, the amount of the equity interest, how large the company is and whether it is publicly held, and how the equity was obtained.

Partner with us

We are strong believers that TOGETHER we are ‘stronger’. By teaming up we can achieve “more” than working alone. CBHRI shares its knowledge to improve human life by influencing policy makers for sustainable health obtained through biomedical research.



Supporting us means that your generous gift will contribute to a good cause by giving hope to thousands of people when disaster strikes. Join us and become a regular sustaining donor.



The Department of Immunology is involved in understanding of the immune response in infectious diseases and cardiovascular conditions.


The Department of Epidemiology focuses on the study of frequency and distribution of diseases and the underlying determinants of health.


The Department of Virology is involved in development and validation of diagnostics, studies of pathogenesis and development of intervention strategies for several viruses of importance for Dutch Caribbean and the region.


The department of Oncology will study several aspects of diagnosis and treatment of cancers relevant to the Dutch Caribbean, in close collaboration with other groups in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Social sciences

The Department of Social sciences focuses on the determinants of health, health behavior and health services utilization.

Capital Management

The Capital Management Office (CMO) of CBHRI is responsible for the financial administration of grants funded by life-science funding agents, corporate responsibility foundations (CRF), charity foundations (CF), and crowd funding (FR).


Ashley Duits

Ashley Duits

Co founder & Head of Immunology


Specialized in immunology of infectious diseases and immunological & hematological aspects of sickle cell disease with special focus on angiognesis….
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Tineke Alberts

Tineke Alberts

Head of Social Sciences


Specialized in research on health services utilization and socioeconomic health inequalities…..

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John-John Schnog

John-John Schnog

Head of Oncology


Oncologist/hematologist – Specialized in hematological cancers….

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Izzy Gerstenbluth

Izzy Gerstenbluth

Co founder & Head of Epidemiology


Specialized in general public health, with a special focus on development of surveillance & monitoring systems….

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Byron Martina

Byron Martina

Co founder & Head of Virology


Virologist – Specialized in ‘exotic viruses’ Dengue, Hanta, West Nile, Chikungunya, Rabies, Influenza, Mers-Coronanvirus and Enterovirus-71 infections….

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The vision of CBHRI is to become an institute of academic excellence where basic research and applied research is conducted.


CBHRI aims to perform interdisciplinary research on epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology and cancer to improve human health in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Translating biology into medicine

Each department operates from a Translational Medicine philosophy.

The key is cross functional teamwork

In our model of translational research the patient is central and the research focuses on a landscape of multiple diseases. Therefore, we have to be a highly collaborative organization.


The organization is composed of post-docs, technicians and PhD students working together to study the different problems in each project



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